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THE FOUNDER: Ursula Vari

Nobel Peace Prize nominated activist, author, photographer, Animal Communicator and energy healer, Ursula Vari has devoted her life to elevating consciousness through her philanthropic work with street dogs and local communities along the Amazon Region of Peru. Since 2015 she has been a force that inspired people to do good and reevaluate their relationship with animals. She has mobilized local communities to volunteer and help improve the lives of street dogs and cats. She has organized street campaigns, spay and neuter programs along with educational programs for children in impoverished neighborhoods. She resides in Los Angeles with her three rescues, two from Peru and one from South L.A.

CHARLIE: the dog who inspired the mission

Charlie was on his last legs on March 26, 2015. He was a street dog living by the Amazon River in Peru, and as such, invisible to the locals who walked by his battered body in utter indifference. When Vari found the dog, she immediately recognized the burning need to not only rescue Charlie, but to bring help and hope to all the street animals in the region, thus Project Street Dog was born.

Carla DuPont

Carla DuPont has been a physician assistant since 1995 with a tremendous love for animals. She has been practicing since 1995 and built a strong reputation as a kind, caring and beyond knowledgeable PA. She has been an integral part of Amazon Alliance/Project Street Dog since the charity’s inception. Her role as an advisory board member, with great insight on fundraising strategies along with consultation on day-to-day veterinary protocols has been instrumental. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two college-age sons and her standard poodle, Bodhi.

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