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Mosita came to us by way of two volunteers. She was found curled up under a market stall, resigned from life after a vendor cut her snout with his machete for doing what street dogs at the market do, beg. Her chances were slim, but the incredible team of Dr Luis and Dr. Cindy made it possible for her stay with us. Because of the trauma from the incident, she developed severe mistrust of people and it took us a while to get her to feel safe with us. I will never forget the times I worked with her, seeing a beautiful being so scared of humans that she had to resort to aggression to protect herself. But we didn’t give up.

Through hard work, therapy and the incredible care from the team of doctors she made full recovery. Then the challenge became finding her a loving forever home. A senior dog with the kind of “beauty mark” Mosita bears isn’t a popular choice in a city where most people prefer puppies. Her caretaker at the clinic, Blanca Acho Mozombite grew close to this little warrior and eventually fell in love with her spunky character. Today, Mosita lives a happy life with Blanquita and she has many friends and admirers.

Thank you everyone who helped Mosita on her journey and for supporting the work we do at Project Street Dog. Please consider adopting a senior dog and help the ones who are still roaming the streets. To support the work we do, please consider making a donation.

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