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Rosita’s case was one of the typical cases we often encounter in the city of Iquitos. She was a puppy born onto the streets. Only a few months old, but she had to experience the cruelty at the hands of humans, when an angry local kicked her with such force that she was left on the concrete, unable to walk.

Us, at Project Street Dog picked her up late in the evening and brought her to safety and her miraculous journey began. Dr. Cindy and Dr. Luis together with Dr. Salazar devised a plan. Many suggested surgery for her, but we decided to instead go for a less invasive electromagnetic therapy, water therapy and a lot of love. It took some time but this little warrior eventually began to walk. And now she is ready to find her loving, forever family.

Remember before you adopt an animal, ask yourself a few questions. Are you fully committed to love and stay with your animal no matter what, whether she is ill or injured? Will you stay by her side and help her? Will you protect and care for her? Are you prepared to pay possible, future veterinary bills? Could you take her on daily walks on a leash? Can you make sure she doesn’t roam the streets unattended? If your answer is yes, perhaps this little angel is for you. She is sterilized, has all her shots and she is a beyond playful bundle of joy. Contact us for details. (For International/U.S. adoptions the shipping fee runs about $900- we have contacted several pet transport companies and that is the average fee).

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