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214 Animals safely sterilized in three days. Two successful cesarían sections and healthy pups delivered. Many wounds attended, sick animals treated. Four veterinarians over a dozen volunteers. We are making a difference. It took two months to plan it and it was worth every second. We learned a lot. We were amazed and we were welcomed. So much gratitude to the wonderful veterinarians we worked with Dr Ricardo Rojas Muñoz dr Cindy Villaverde Pelaez Dr Alfredo Salazar dr Esther Cueva Arevalo. Thanks to the wonderful volunteers Brian Torres Diana Shapiama Dudu Beizaga Mayerli Rodriguez Wong Esdras Silva Sayon Joceph, Gianelita, Ximena Nifates Ampuero Solsol Marina Pereyra Sandra Rodriguez and your boyfriend Carol Venancino Hector Klenis Viviana Murayari Nashnate Mayerli Marlo Avila Ulloa. Special thanks to Vinka Haro Galetovic and Elvis Murayari for their dedication. Grateful to all my students who donated surgical and art supplies and the local community who supported the campaign: Ursula Caballero Lisette Calistro, Margoth Pamela Padilla de Mayeaux from The Yellow Rose of Texas , Milli for the flyers , Carlos Lopez for transport, Adriana Colome for medicine, Giova Montenegro and Deniz Kadem for all your support and for accompanying me on this journey as board member of the organization. Carla DuPont thank you for being THERE. Stay tuned for details.

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