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We made it safely to Peru and have an incredible team of volunteers assembled. We have done so much work already and I couldn’t be more grateful to the locals who opened their minds to the idea of sterilization so we can put an end to the abandonment of animals and eliminate suffering on the streets once and for all. We have done so much work in 2 days and look forward to the free spay and neuter campaign days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday . We are making a difference. Thank you Dudu BeizagaGianelita Mayerli Rodriguez Wong Carolina Diaz Torres Esdras Silva SayonXmenita Brian Torres Diana Shapiama Vinka Cindy Villaverde Pelaez Elvis Klenis Viviana Murayari Nashnate Sandra Rodriguez Jino Franklin Boullosa Panduro . Thank you Deniz Kadem for all your support through the years!!!

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